Nick Heath, Ph.D.

Creator of the Breath Learning Center and also known as “The Breathing Diabetic”

Nick Heath, Ph.D., is a scientist, researcher, and writer living with type-1 diabetes. Nick’s formal education is in atmospheric science, but he has spent the last 7+ years studying, teaching, and applying breathing principles in his life and with others. He is a certified Oxygen Advantage® coach, a Level I Pranayama teacher, and a member of the Global Wellness BREATHE Initiative.

How I Got Started with Breathing

I started with meditation and yoga in 2014. Then, like many people in recent history, my interest in breathing started with Wim Hof. I discovered his method in 2016 and used it daily for almost a year. However, it wasn’t until I found Patrick McKeown and the Oxygen Advantage® techniques that I noticed dramatic improvements in my diabetes health and overall wellness.

This piqued my interest in the science of breathing, and I became obsessed with learning, studying, and applying the breath in all domains of my life. I created “The Breathing Diabetic” to share the things I was learning.

Over time, I drifted away from formalized methods. I began studying breathing and contemplative practice as a way to (try) to be a better person. I discovered that the breath can be used literally and figuratively to live our best life, and that motivated me to continue sharing in a more generalized form.

I have discovered that a consistent breathing practice coupled with wisdom meditation has cultivated more mindfulness in my life, allowing me to experience more joy and wholeness every day (along with all the hiccups, disappointments, mistakes, and so on that come with being human).

How the Learning Center Was Born

The Breath Learning Center was created to share this approach to contemplation with others. Its format closely mimics that of my favorite teacher, Brian Johnson, who created the Heroic (previously Optimize) learning platform.

Each morning, I would wake up, perform my breathing practice, and then mindfully listen to (or read) an inspiring passage from an author using Brian’s online resource. With time, this practice began improving all aspects of my life, and the characteristics I was reading about became more and more a part of who I was.

As a lifelong learner and teacher, I wished something like this existed solely for contemplative practice. So, I created the Breath Learning Center to fill that void. The goal is to use any form of breathing or meditative practice along with Wisdom Meditation to cultivate more mindfulness in our daily lives, allowing us to experience more joy, love, laughter, and wholeness.

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