Member Testimonials

I start my day by reading compelling quotes and reflections in my inbox each morning – which often move the trajectory of my day positively. Nick is a scientist who culls through much information and shares the pearls on the learning portal. He summarizes the latest research in written and audio summaries that are easy to understand. This saves me a ton of time and enables me to stay up-to-date with cutting-edge research on topics I am passionate about in my work as a psychiatrist, bringing these practices to my patients and colleagues. The Breath Learning Center website is bookmarked and at the top of my browser window for easy access. I highly recommend The Breath Learning Center to everyone interested in living more fully.

Colleen Loehr, MD

Nick’s learning center is fantastic. It is tough to stay up on all the research coming out in the breath space, which is why I enjoy receiving Nick’s 411s. Not only does it cover clinical research, but the latest books are included, too. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more.

Taylor Somerville
Breath and Performance Coach / Symmetry

I am a breathwork facilitator and this training was very supportive for my practice. I liked the practicality and the breakdown of the research.

Workshop Participant

Valuable and practical learnings that I have easily built into my daily life…Thank you Nick, you share your extensive knowledge in a way that makes me want to learn so much more!

Mary Hunt

Workshop Participant

I highly recommend this presentation. Nick introduced various breathing and meditation practices to support brain health and well-being; and discussed the evidence-based research that supports them.


Workshop Participant

This workshop is packed with so much amazing science backed up goodness and you also get to practice and feel the benefits immediately. I absolutely loved it and feel I’ll come back to it often.

Lina V

I first heard of Nick through Chuck McGee III. The Breath Learning Center is absolutely amazing! I love the daily 1% and look forward to opening them every morning! Wonderful quotes and insights, that unfold into the Book 411s & Science 411s. Nick has a unique style of breaking down and explaining the material. This membership is magnificent, I highly recommend. Thank you, Nick!

Zada Jaffe

Discovering Nick and the Breath Learning Centre has been one of the best things for my learning since I started teaching breathwork 5 years ago. No one explains the complexity of our breath as simply as Nick.

Kym Burls
Breathwork Coach /

After finishing my Breath Science certification I wanted to keep learning, and Nick’s learning center is an amazing resource. I love how he breaks down books, research papers and gives a daily dose of breathing awesomeness. I’m on the learning center most days. I recommend this ever growing database to anyone who is working in the wellness world. The knowledge Nick delivers helps me help others.

Daniel Mori
Breath Science Coach and Practitioner

I love the distillation of books and the practical breath work accompanied by the science..nice!

Happy Member

The daily 1% is the most important reminder in my day to BREATHE. Thank you.

Tina Gilbertson
Psychotherapist / The Reconnection Club

Thank you for all that you share. As a newly qualified Breath Instructor this information is vital for my learning so that I can pass this knowledge to my students. It has given me the confidence to get out there more. I absolutely love receiving an email everyday. Thank you!

Nicola M
Breath Coach / The Breath Hub

I absolutely love everything about the Learning Centre! Compressed, easy to understand science and tips you can use pretty much everywhere. The value of this membership is extraordinary, thank you!

Lina V

The Learning Center has been an invaluable tool in my business by providing the scientific studies needed to keep me up to date on research in my field. Nick’s style of breaking down the complicated into digestible nuggets of knowledge allows me to better absorb the information being presented as well as share with others in easy-to-understand ways.

Perrin White
Breath Coach / Breathe Well Be Well